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56 years in Antique Toy Business
Créateur du Salon TOYMANIA
Creator of the PARIS antique toy show TOYMANIA
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Jacky Broutin
Since 1970 in antique toy business.
1970 HOPE was the first permanent antique toy shop in Paris for many years.
1977 Creation of the First Paris toy show not called Toymania yet.
1981 Creation of the TOYMANIA show, one of the most important in Europe, sold in 1989 it still exist in our days.
1983 Creation of the magazine "TOYMANIA" 40 pages on antique toys and dolls, 3 languages : french, english, japanese.
1983 Creation of the first french web available only in France called the Minitel 3615 Antique toys and dolls.
1989 Sold his Anamorphose Cie and in same time the show Toymania.
1994 Retired fromd'Air France as a steward, back to the hobby of antique toys.
1995 New business called "Planet aventure" organiser of antique toys and dolls shows called"Pitcheetoy" big success from the start (1500 visitors in a day show).
1996 Creation of "PLANET-TOYS" the ultimate web site for toys and dolls collectors. This web site is completly realised and designed by Jacky.
2000 Planet toys is sold to Collecties, Jacky is taken as webmaster.
2001 Collecties is closing his antique toy business. Jacky is out of job.
2004 Creation of the new web site "Pitcheetoy"
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