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Form,formulaire and list of the relatives ready to come

This web site is dedicated to our anscestors the Graifer's.
On this photo Yankel Guirchev Graifer and his wife Sarah Khaci,
they were from Ekaterinoslav (named to day Dnepropetrovk).
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Kalmon Graifer from Clark New Jersey wrote behind the photo in the 90's
Second row their children and wives. I grew up together with your grandmother (Fiega Fanny Gaiffer FR) and her sisters and brothers. We were lucky and left in January 1921.
In the back row are their children from left to right :
Schlomo, Nina, Kalmon and Yenta your grandmothers brothers and sisters.

NEW 2012 Family tree in PDF format - click here


Ela (Graifer-Bairov) and Uri Tamir wedding 1st Feb 2012 - click here

Ella&Uri from nir saldinger on Vimeo.


Lena (Graifer) and Kosta visiting Paris for the New Year 2011-2012 .... click here

Family tree in Hebrew made by Ela Bairov in Israel

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