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Texte and photographs: MICK DUPRAT

N° 1: The framer (cameraman) Radio-Television of Joustra is a dynamic boy since we find him also on the helicopter as on the reporting bus, the pick-up Ford, still from the same marker, the TV coach of the NAR, this last toy has been produced not any more by Joustra but by Line Mar.




Silence, camera on. "Miniatures playing movie stars", first clap. A travelling effect takes our sight on the Aston-Martin DB5, the James Bond hero's car to a Renault 16 of the Paramount Company on which is installed on top of it a movie camera.
For the connoisseurs in 1/43rd scale models it is well-off to notice the report existing between the Aston and the Renault. These amateurs there have earned a free seat to the theatre, because they have noticed that these two cars come both from the same manufacturer Corgi-Toys. That can be banal. What is less banal, it is to know than these two have made their... "cinema" in the sixty's to simulate children's games. This subject should be looked more closely, because since the invention of the cinema by the Lumière brothers, there is hundred years and the invention of the automobile, hardly the same age, it will have been necessary to wait more than a half-century in order that a manufacturers of toys, finally, have a real interest to vehicles specially adapted to be filmed! And even then, we have to note that these manufacturers are not numerous and having such a delay brought to process the subject, some have prefered pass directly the camera of cinema to the camera of television. Let's see together which kind of products are they proposing in the same direction: information, entertainment and the education?
Indeed, we can see by now, the theme "cinema" with sub-themes, vehicles for movie filming and TV series, their are real vehicles-stars. Close-up on filming-vehicles. The British are the best under the sunlight, with the firms as Dinky-Toys and Corgi-Toys. Dinky-Toys did a festival with its vehicles ABC-TV: Transmitter Van and Mobile TV Control Room; BBC-TV: TV Roving Eye Vehicle (ref. 968), Mobile TV Control Room (ref. 967) and TC Colour (ref. 407), its station wagon Citroën ID typ Radio-TV-Luxembourg (réf. 1404) we know three different versions of this station wagon and another station wagon Fiat 2300 from the Pathé News (ref. 281) on the roof of which is perched the framer (cameraman) attached to its 35mm camera. This camera is equipped with the "Mickey Mouse ears", name given by collectors, in the toy collecting trade, to the great loaders of film bobbins.
As for the firm Corgi-Toys, it has known perfectly to put in scene the typical Renault R16 (ref. 13) of the Paramount and whose model was destined to film the movie news, adventures and exploits of the cyclists of the "Tour de France". This choice remains nevertheless a bit strange, because we can wonder if the Paramount has really sent a team in the 60's as the typical "Tour de France"? Unusual, indeed, as no English cyclist where there!
Corgi-Toys modernized, a bit later, its idea with a Citroën DS (ref. 510) "platform" always the logo of the famous Paramount Company. It modernized it so much until it gives a funny look to the wheels as a pan buttons form, that are not "the cup of tea" of collectors, so little realistic this type of modern wheels. Cut. It is very bad Mr. Corgi!
Happily, all production of Corgi-Toys is not that bad, well on the contrary. Take to witnesses the numerous and various cars stemming film miniatures to great success such that the series of James Bond to the breadth of which 007 jumps from one car to another. We can see him passing from the English fantastic Aston-Martin DB5 (ref. 270) - first model full of spy-tricks car of the illustrious agent of her Majesty the Queen - to the Japanese Toyota 2000 GT (ref. 336), by passing by the American Ford Mustang (ref. 391) and the frail, yellow and nevertheless French 2CV Citroën.
Corgi-Toys told, in 1965, to the moment of showing its "Aston-Martin James Bond", whose role was held initially by the actor Roger Moore, before to leave its place to its compatriot Sean Connery, that it had "made the impossible, with its secret functionning details: roof opening and jumping seat, bullet proof back window screen, telescopic bumper clogs and retractable machine-guns"! To believe that designers of Corgi-Toys spied in the offices of the Intelligence Service!
The actor Roger Moore was also used for others productions where he appears to the driving wheel of new cars. It is the case when it assumes the role of Simon Timplar, alias "the Saint". We can see him on the wheel of a swedish car Volvo P1800, british Jaguar XJ6 and Aston-Martin. All these brilliant mechanics of the "Saint" will be there also reproduced by Corgi-Toys.
Other witnesses of movie and TV series made by Corgi-Toys are: Land Rover for "Daktari" (ref. 7 and 14), the Batmobile of "Batman" (ref. 267), the Chitty Bang Bang (ref. 266) which has the same name as the movie, the super Black Beauty of exploits of "The Green Hornet" (ref. 268) or again of the intrepid spies of the organization U.N.C.L.E. Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, without forgeting the unavoidable Buick of the bald Kojac (ref. 290).
To the Oscar race, between Corgi-Toys and Dinky-Toys, this last reacts to success of its eternal competitor with a Renault 4L Sinpar typ that shared the launch to Tanguy and Laverdure in "Knights of the sky" (ref. 1406), famous French TV serial.
Looking the high of their balcony, protagonists of the first rank Politoys (Italia) and Tekno (Denmark) will return wisely in the field. The first with the pink Jaguar E typ of the redhead Italian singer will Laugh Rita Pavonne, accompanied by the Ford T typ of Laurel and Hardy. The second, Tekno, the following as its shadow, with the Super star VW of the film "Herbie". Miniature stars of serial TV or movies, it exists some again many others, as exist in this world of the good spectacular number of others movie and TV transport.
To this programming does not stop at all there the variety of miniature cars having a direct report with the star system. It exists some many others as various by their dimensions, their marks, their countries of origin or their singularity. Take, as an example, the gigantic Nissan Syline TV Coach of japanese Diapet or the pick-up and the truck 3 axle Radio-Television of Joustra (all 3 in tin plate) on which we can find the same framer (cameraman) and his TV camera on the roof of a coach NAR-Television, made and realized by Line Mar.
The Japanese marker Ichiko produced a station wagon Plymouth for reporters in tin plate that could be adapted to different decorations, depending on which country the toy was destined in the European market, with among others versions an Italian (RAI) and a Dutch (NTS). Elsewhere, Japanese became the masters of the production of miniature vehicles in tin plate destined to TV reporting. Ichiko, TRS (with a Porsche 911 World News, financed by news agency DPA from Bonn, Reuter of London and AFP of Paris, on the roof of which is placed a German movie camera Arriflex and its cameraman), Marusan (with a minibus for direct reporting of the CBS TV), Diapet and Yonezawa (with a minibus for direct broadcast by the NBC) realized some master piece.
TV reporting coaches of the NBC (National Broadcasting Company Corporation) were the most often reproduced, with, among others elements of Japanese origin, a Studebaker coupe on which is the cameraman WNBT/WRCA. On the side of this last transports there is a direct TV broadcast on giant screen, so the illusion is flawless.
TV and movie miniatures have really played an important role in the youth of several generations of children. These toys were nice at the beginning of their production, they still are even more than ever now due to the fact that they are back in the circle of the "collectables". Silence, camera on. Motor. "Miniatures playing movie stars". Clap of end!

N° 2: Corgi-Toys has deposited a platform at its Renault R16 to facilitate the work of viewing of the cameraman. The R16 of the Paramount Production has been created by Corgi-Toys in the intention to film exploits of the cyclists of the "Tour de France" in miniature.



N° 3: You have recognized it... It concerns well the famous Aston-Martin "Gold... finger" that uses the special agent 007. The car was full of spytricks. The miniature to 1/43rd Corgi-Toys it is all as much!





N° 4: James Bond has abandoned its Aston-Martin to drive a Toyota 2000 GT (ref. 336) which has also spy-tricks as they both come from Corgi-Toys, the master in this field.





N° 5: News Pathé revised and corrected by Dinky-Toys Great-Britain that has produce a station wagon Fiat 2300 (ref. 281).






N° 6: The well known bald agent Kojac, to-day deceased, do a show with its Buick. To left, a remake of its detective plate that was given to children at the same time than the car.




N° 7: A huge Japanese reporting bus. It is very resemblant to its model that is a Mitsubischi Fuso. It has been manufactured to Japan in 70's by the marker Diapet.







N° 8: The black Batmobile and its famous pilots are signed Corgi-Toys -ref. 267).




N° 9: It is to the station wagon Plymouth that the Japanese firm Ichiko has returned to orient its TV vehicle production. It exists in several variants: one for the Italian TV (that represented on this photograph) and one for the Dutch TV.




N° 10 : Who has never seen the Great Hornet has never known the great emotion of the movie. This Great Hornet was made by Corgi in Great Britain.





N° 11 : Corgi Toys was the great specialist in car miniature with TV or Movie accessories. This Oldsmobile from the TV Serie Man from UNCLE. The badge with the artiste on it...was given when you had bought the car.




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